The President and founder of "APPLIED SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH CENTRE" Dr. George Ghiolvas, Nuclear Physicist, 15 years ago due to serious health problems, faced the dilemma to quit smoking otherwise his life was in great danger. Since he was a heavy smoker for many years, he did not want to stop smoking but instead he wanted to design and develop together with the other scientists of the research center, a device that would remove the harmful constituents from cigarettes. His idea was to continue smoking without sacrificing his life and health.

After extensive and continuous efforts, they succeed developing the Nicopal device, which proved to be as they expected. Most of the quantities of nicotine, tar, CO, smoke nicotine reducing sugars etc. contained in the smoke were removed. After 14 years of tests both in practice as well as in various labs private and state, they decided to start producing the Nicopal device and distribute it around the world for the benefit of all smokers active and passive.


The device consists of a metallic cabin with dimensions 20X15X15 containing the necessary components, as follows:

1. One special ultrared radiation lamp
2. A small drawer to place 20 cigarettes
3. A special groove for placing the liquid
4. Electrical resistance to warm the liquid
5. A special ventilator to remove and carry off the poison from cigarettes
6. An electronic circuit to control the automatic operation of the device.

The device is accompanied with an AC current cable either for 110 or 220Volts.

A special bottle with dose measurements and a dropper, containing the herbal liquid used to remove the poison contained in the smoke.

A description guide book also is contained into the packing box.
How to operate the Nicopal device.Various Institutions have certified Nicopal's efficiency.

The operation of the device is simple and completely automatic.

We place 20 cigarettes in the drawer.
We pour 3 grams from the special liquid contained in the bottle into the groove and we close the drawer.
We press the ON button to start the procedure. When the green led turned off the cigarettes are ready with most of the poisonous substances removed.
 Health & smokingNicopal, the only device worldwide which removes the reducing sugars, believed by scientists that are related strongly with lung and chest cancers.

From the A. Hirsh (Pneumonology Division Saint Louis Hospital Paris) lecture at the International Congress for preventing cancer, which took place at Athens from 5 - 17 March 2001. This lecture was published in Chemical Annals in February 2002.

" in the European Union 33% of adults are regular smokers and half of them are dying from smoking, usually in the mid age, losing 20 years of the expected living. Eighty to eighty five per cent of the lung cancers are due to smoking. In the USA only the percentage of the lung cancers in women exceeds those of breast cancers."

The late Dr. Richard D. Passey of London's Chester Beatty Research Institute had spent twenty years investigating smoking, cancer and the connection between them. The conclusion was that there would be no correlation at all between smoking and cancer if tobacco came with no sugar content.

1. Nicopal has the unique capability of treating the cigarettes by means of a special herbal liquid which renders them harmless for both active and passive smokers

2. It is actually a mini chemical laboratory, which during the cigarette treatment removes most of the harmful constituents in aerial form, like CO, reducing sugars, smoke nicotine etc.

3. Nicopal is the only known method that removes reducing sugars of smoke. It has been proved scientifically that reducing sugars of smoke when burning are responsible for causing lung cancer.

4. After using the Nicopal device for about six months, usually smokers stop the smoking habit due to purgation of nicotine addiction.

5. Using Nicopal system, the processed cigarettes retain the flavor and aroma of the smoke.

6. Nicopal users will have the unique benefit, to smoke with less implication to their health, from the harmful essences of the cigarette. Smoking 20 cigarettes treated by Nicopal is the same as smoking one and a half untreated cigarette, in terms of damage it causes to health.

                   "Health is the most precious thing for human"Hippocrates

constituent before NICOPAL after treatment NICOPAL

Hydrogen 8430.00- 3991.60 47.         35% -

Oxygen 153464.00- 168795.00       9.99% +

Nitrogen 611709.00- 623917.00      2.00% +

Methan 1337.60 -549.8641                  10% -

Monoxide 24817.00- 12974.00       52.28% -

Dioxide 40869.00 -21635.00           52.94% -

Ethyl 245.24 -158.17                        64.50% -

Ether 265.27 -111.66                       42.10% -

Alethylen 40.726- 29.359               72.09% -

Propane 194.86 -95.206                 48.86% -

International Patent No: PCT/GR 96/00008.